The weeks have passed and we had a three week break from counseling, we are back this week.  Where have we moved on from I am not really sure. We live day by day with no plans for the future,the onus is on each individual to try and keep the peace. It is haunting to think that we have come along in our lives and come to this point where we are not connected emotionally as much anymore. It is like when you have an argument with someone at the time it is heated, stressful, tense, once the issue is resolved and friendship resumes you tend to find it hard to remember what the argument was about in the first place.

My path in life so far has been pretty ‘normal’. For me I have met, married and became a Parent, the difference I think with us compared to many couples is that the disintegration of this ‘marriage’ or ‘unity’ has occurred at a rapid pace. I was driving to work this morning and a Journalist was being interviewed and she explained that she is ‘the most annoying positive person you will ever meet’, as ‘we only get one shot at life’. That resonated with me as I find myself scrambling to keep up with time and it flashes past. I sometimes consider my position in the world and am I living my full potential?

The silliness really is that we are two persons who are together but not really. The vital element here is our Son, whose emotional and mental well being is my main consideration and concern. I do not want to be selfish and jeopardize any of that, he is only 3 and his world consists of Mummy, Daddy and everyone together. My own childhood was fraught with upset, anxiety and sometimes fear. However I don’t recall any of this until I was about 6 or 7. The difficulty is to ensure that the household is a place of calmness and innocence. Everyone’s story is mapped out what direction it goes is down to each individual. We have ownership of the compass.